The Movement Clinics

Ana has been shooting dancers – pregnancy and non pregnant for years. Finally in 2020 She added the offering to her clients. Photographers have been asking Ana for a long time to offer dance workshops. While we are not quite ready to take it around the world, we will offer a few clinics in NYC and California. Right now, these are our only dates. If they sell out we will see where and when we can add more.

We call them Movement clinics because dancers don’t just dance non stop in a session. You need to learn their pose, their language – understand their movement, timing and of course lighting. It can take hours of shooting to nail just a few key poses. Understanding how to time the movement with your camera, and work with lighting and your subject takes time and practice. Working with fabrics, their costumes adds a whole other dimension. This is for all levels of Photographers – must understand how to use your camera.

In this 4 hour clinic, we will bring in teen dancers, a pregnancy dancer and a couple. All Photographers will have gorgeous images for their portfolio and be able to work with their subjects.

Due to the nature of the clinic, only 8 photographers will be allowed in each clinic. We will have two sets in each clinic to allow for more time for students and dancers to shoot.