After touring the world, one thing I have learned is that sometimes you just need to spend a bit of time on one or two things to master them! The three issues that people struggle the most are: baby wrapping, angles and lighting. Editing is also on the list but I believe if you can master your images out of camera, it solves 90% of your editing issues. After some great thought I decided to do something different. If this is successful in these three Cities I will consider other areas.



I highly recommend this clinic for those that:

  • Struggle in these three areas: baby wrapping, angle, lighting
  • Have had workshops before but need to take things to the next level and perfect their quickness in seeing light and understanding angles
  • That may have basic wraps down but want to be more creative
  • That need hands on experience in wrapping


In this four hour Clinic we will be bringing in FOUR newborns for students to work in PAIRS

  • You will wrap newborns using several different types of wraps and wrap styles. We will do creative wrapping, as well as the basic swaddle. We will do layer wrapping and using accessories. Each Partner will be able to do each type of wrap on a newborn baby model.
  • You will photograph each wrap and work with angles and lighting
  • You will be guided and directed in every step for image color, settings, clarity and up to 98% accuracy out of your camera – which means only 2% editing!
  • You will leave feeling inspired and ready to shorten your newborn sessions, master your studio lighting and achieve more creative angles and wrapping
  • Certificate and Clinic Seal of Approval provided


Morning Workshops

Afternoon Workshops