The Baby Academy

The Baby Academy is a brand new program for 2020.

This program is a four day intensive and it is unlike any program Ana has taught.

It is designed for intense training in shooting, direction, editing and perfecting your light and posing.

It is designed for those who need a solid newborn workflow and who need to be able to streamline, manage and take control of their sessions.

After the four days we know that you will have a solid handle on newborn workflow, family posing, child posing, solid lighting techniques and an overall direction for leading your newborn business. During the four days –  each day – Photographers will be guided by Ana and then will be photographing the models. You will leave the week with hundreds of marketable images and most importantly, you will know how to create them on your own.

Lighting, posing, direction and workflow are key components. The idea behind the Baby Academy is to focus on key issues each day and perfect them. The following day you can come in ask questions, and continue perfecting your work. Students will be able to use images for their portfolio.

If you are tired of guessing your workflow, fumbling thru your sessions or losing control on your schedule of sessions and directions this is the Intensive for you! Designed for all levels of Photographers!

July 24-27, 2020Miami, Florida
August 14-17, 2020NYC Baby Academy
August 21-24, 2020California Baby Academy
September 18-21, 2020NYC Baby Academy
September 25-28, 2020California Baby Academy

Daily Schedule

Newborns 8-12pm

Newborn Posing Perfected:During the four days we will be starting every single day with newborns until lunch time.
Each day we will work on techniques for: wrapping, beanbag posing, prop posing, bucket and bowl posing, composites and more.
Each day Ana will start with demonstrating the technique and then newborns will come in for students to photograph  in teams on the poses from Ana’s instruction.

We will work on all sorts of techniques from class baby nude photography to working with felted layers, accessories, creative wrapping. All of the techniques that Ana uses in her work will be shared as well as new ideas.

Lunchtime 12-1pm

Editing  1-2pm. We will go over a group of images from every mornings newborn images.

2pm-4pm – Parent/Family/Sibling Newborn Posing Every day we will work on new setups and new techniques. From wrapping Mamas and their babies, to laying down poses with Parents and siblings, and working with children of all ages. Students will take turns directing the shoots.

4pm-5pm – Discussion/Editing if needed/Workbook work/homework

Special events…

Day One opening breakfast 8am to start the day and go over introductions before newborns begin.

Day One and Day Two evenings you are on your own to relax and recharge.

Day Three we will  have a crafting night.

Day Four we close with evening early dinner and wrap up.