The Baby Academy

The Baby Academy is a brand new program for 2020.

This program is a four day intensive and it is unlike any program Ana has taught.

It is designed for intense training in shooting, direction, editing and perfecting your light and posing.

It is designed for those who need a solid newborn workflow and who need to be able to streamline, manage and take control of their sessions.

After the four days we know that you will have a solid handle on newborn workflow, family posing, child posing, solid lighting techniques and an overall direction for leading your newborn business. During the four days –  each day – Photographers will be guided by Ana and then will be photographing the models. You will leave the week with hundreds of marketable images and most importantly, you will know how to create them on your own.

Lighting, posing, direction and workflow are key components. The idea behind the Baby Academy is to focus on key issues each day and perfect them. The following day you can come in ask questions, and continue perfecting your work. Students will be able to use images for their portfolio.

If you are tired of guessing your workflow, fumbling thru your sessions or losing control on your schedule of sessions and directions this is the Intensive for you! Designed for all levels of Photographers!

December 11-14, 2020NYC Baby Academy
January 15-18, 2021California Baby Academy
January 29-February 1, 2021Florida Baby Academy

Daily Schedule

Newborns 8-12pm

Newborn Posing Perfected:During the four days we will be starting every single day with newborns until lunch time.
Each day we will work on techniques for: wrapping, beanbag posing, prop posing, bucket and bowl posing, composites and more.
Each day Ana will start with demonstrating the technique and then newborns will come in for students to photograph  in teams on the poses from Ana’s instruction.

We will work on all sorts of techniques from class baby nude photography to working with felted layers, accessories, creative wrapping. All of the techniques that Ana uses in her work will be shared as well as new ideas.

Lunchtime 12-1pm

Editing  1-2pm. We will go over a group of images from every mornings newborn images.

2pm-4pm – Parent/Family/Sibling Newborn Posing Every day we will work on new setups and new techniques. From wrapping Mamas and their babies, to laying down poses with Parents and siblings, and working with children of all ages. Students will take turns directing the shoots.

4pm-5pm – Discussion/Editing if needed/Workbook work/homework

Special events…

Day One opening breakfast 8am to start the day and go over introductions before newborns begin.

Day One and Day Two evenings you are on your own to relax and recharge.

Day Three we will  have a crafting night.

Day Four we close with evening early dinner and wrap up.


Thoughts from my students…

  • SO much my head is still spinning. As it relates to the baby, I learned how to handle a baby, how to wrap, how to position the baby prior to setting them in position, how to calm the baby, body positioning, how to use bean bag positioners. I learned about transitional positioning and position transitions and how to get the easy shots first and move on to the harder positions because they can take longer which will give you less options for the clients.  I learned about lighting and how to feather the light and where to position the light when the baby is on different props. I learned about camera and lighting equipment.  I learned all about different props, wrap, outfits, lovies, furs, and backdrops.  I learned about marketing and the importance of a mailing list. I learned specific ways to market to my clients.  I learned about editing, workflow and that I should be editing .jpg NOT raw!  Tons of different sites that will help with social media.  I learned the importance of social media. I learned I need a NEWSLETTER and a MAILING LIST! I learned I need to offer free Iphone albums! I learned all about Ana’s products and her pricing and that I should be doing IPS. I learned how to talk to the client and what information to provide to them.  I learned a ton about cultural sensitivities surrounding giving birth and newborns. I learned a lot of life lessons from Ana…. A LOT!  And… these are just the things off the top of my head.

  • What I loved most is Ana’s honesty.  She was an open book. Ana didn’t hold back any information or misrepresent herself in any way.  She took time to make sure everyone had their questions thoroughly answered.  Also, Ana truly cares about her students and this touched me beyond words. Its obvious Ana wants her students to succeed which isn’t something I’ve felt before. I am so energized after the academy!

Thank you Nicole..I can’t wait to watch you grow!

  • I had been to Ana’s workshops before so I came knowing I would be learning to perfect my skill in photographing newborns. I did learn that and much much more! I learn to work on my angles, my focus, and do all those things in a quicker fashion instead of overshooting like I typically do. I learned so much about the business aspect of photography.  I never expected how desperately I needed that guidance until we discussed all the necessary things we needed to have and do to be successful. I got that push I needed, I got the advice that I needed, and the hope that I can be successful if I went about it strategically as Ana guided us on. This academy was more than learning how to shoot and edit a picture. I learned I’m not the only ones in my struggle and we all start somewhere like Ana. It was truly inspirational and life changing experience.

  • I loved the bond our group had with each other. I felt that we were a team and that Ana and everyone there was rooting for each other to get far. It was a group of people who wanted pretty much the same things in life and we all were learning and working together in a team.

    I loved Ana’s funny and strong personality. I’ve never met anyone so determined and powerful in business like her. I hope that I can work to be something like her one day. She is an extremely successful and an amazing educator. I learned so much and I know that I will continue to learn from her in the future and I am so proud to have her teach me.

    I loved this opportunity to dive in an education like this. I have been following a lot of photographers and I have never seen anyone give new photographers an opportunity of 4 intensive days to learn. The one day workshops are nothing compared to this experience. I have done several of those and they were no where near as helpful as the Academy. If anyone can do anything to learn, it should be this Academy because it is everything you need to learn to shoot, edit, deliver, and approach your business successfully.

Thank you Lucy…you are amazing and you have an amazing future – you just need to believe it!

  • I learned wrapping, soothing techniques, workflow, and much more. The business side of photography was covered as well including target customer, marketing, and product.

  • I thought the academy would simply focus On the shoot. I loved that the training covered all aspects of the newborn portrait service. The training covered customer acquisition, customer service, marketing and much more. I had high expectations when I signed up for the academy. The training and knowledge provided exceeded my expectations by far. The entire program is a grand experience and the confidence I gained is priceless.

    Thank you to Ana Brandt and company. I had the best experience ever!

Thank you Taylor!!! Much success to you and I can’t wait to see you implement your ideas.

  • O.M.G Information overload. Below are just some of the techniques I’ve learned:
    – Newborn posing techniques
    – Wrapping techniques
    – Lighting techniques
    – Marketing/Pricing/Strategies
    – Handling newborn/family/mini sessions.
    – Photoshop/Lightroom editing techniques
    – Camera focusing.

  • I loved everything about it.
    – I love love Ana. Meeting Ana and directly learning things from her vs. watching her video tutorials is just a whole new different experience. I love how she has all the answers to all of our questions and more. I love her advices, her wisdom, and her teaching techniques! It’s legiterally remarkable!
    – The academy completely exceeded my expectations.
    – I learned all the things I wanted to know about newborn photography and more.
    – I loved the entire group I was with and love how I met new friends through joining the workshop.
    – I loved how the workshop was intense, but everyone just enjoyed every second of it and we were actually all sad when it was over 🙁
    – I love Ana’s energy and aura despite the long hours of teaching. Her positive vibe just radiates through the entire room.
    – I loved the talks and laughters.
    – I loved how I woke up early and was never late the entire workshop days.
    – I loved the studio and all of Ana’s props I just want to get everything.
    – I loved the food.
    – I loved the academy in general.
    – Lastly, I love Alex and Stella and I badly need them in my life. (P.S. I still want to steal them)

Nicky you make me smile. Your smile lights up the room and I wish nothing but good things…