ITALY Ana Brandt February 24, 2019 Milan Italy {deposit}




February 24th

Milan Italy

Milan – place to be defined 60 days prior the event

Ana Brandt 8:00-4:00PM


2 payments of $550.00 US Dollars

Morning Ana Brandt NEWBORN

How to develop an efficient workflow

Session Planning

Beanbag Positions and Transitions


Props and accessories

Lighting and equipment

The best angles of the baby

Students will attend a full newborn session while the mentor teaches all of her techniques, providing the students with a real session experience.
Students will have the opportunity to photograph a baby, training the angles and frames.

The practice of angles is individual and oriented so that students make the most of it.



Backlighting and Low Key Lighting

Two Pregnancy Models will come in and Ana will demonstrate Transitional Pregnancy Posing.

Students will have a chance to photograph models and work with posing the pregnant body and tossing fabrics.

Students will learn how to use the two types of lighting and the best way to shoot cor color accuracy.

Client Prep and Guide Online Course included.

Includes Tote bag, Workshop Guide, Notebook/Pen and Lunch!