Photography 101

Do you own a camera?

Does it allow you to shoot in Manual (meaning there is an M on your dial)

Do you want to learn how to take good photos inside or out?

Are you a Hobbyist? Amateur? Pro?

Do you understand the triangle? The exposure triangle is simply the relationship between your ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

If so…this is the course for you. For years Ana has taught people how to use their camera. Whether you just want better photos of your kids, or are a hobbyist, photo enthusiast, or even a Pro that doesn’t understand it all, this is the course to take.

Ana will show you how to understand your camera. What are all the buttons for? How can you shoot moving objects? How can you blur the background? How can you just take good photos? All of this and more are explained.

You bring your camera (not a point and shoot – must be an SLR which means it has manual controls on it – look for M on your camera – so we can control the camera and not just be in auto mode)

Notebooks provided and we will shoot inside and outside with child and adult subjects.

FOR ALL Ages! Kids – Teens – Adults

Three hour course. $400.00 per date

March 27 1:30-4:30pm

This is in person in California. If you can not make it, but want to learn you can purchase a recording of the first February class and listen in live during the course.

Purchase the Recording

Self timers are everything! In the above photos the kids all took turns using the remote to take family photos. Ana and her children were able to capture priceless images all while shooting in manual with a camera remote.
Ana travels all over the world with her children. Everywhere they go they bring cameras and shoot inside and outside. They shoot in all kinds of weather, such as the rain above in Thailand.
Ana takes photos every Mothers Day with her children. My how they have grown! In the above photos, the kids all took turns capturing each other and their Mama.
Do you want to be in the photos too? Ana’s children have been capturing images since they were all 5 years of age! Now they can easily pick up a camera and capture images like he ones above at Homecoming and other events.

Learn how to blur backgrounds.