Clinic Workshops with Ana Brandt

Baby Clinic Workshops with Ana Brandt

In this four hour Clinic, you will wrap newborns using several different types of wraps and wrap styles. We will do creative wrapping, as well as the basic swaddle. We will do layer wrapping and using accessories. Each Partner will be able to do each type of wrap on a newborn baby model. You will photograph each wrap and work with angles and lighting. You will be guided and directed in every step for image color, settings, clarity and up to 98% accuracy out of your camera – which means only 2% editing!

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November 17, 2019Calgary Baby Clinic
November 18, 2019Montreal Morning Baby Clinic
December 8. 2019Palm City Florida
December 16, 2019Dallas Baby Clinic
January 13, 2020London Baby Clinic
January 14, 2020London Baby Clinic
January 25th, 2020Mexico City
January 27, 2020Charleston South Carolina Baby Clinic
February 9, 2019Manila Baby Clinic
February 11, 2019Bali Indonesia Baby Clinic
February 11, 2019Bali Indonesia Afternoon Clinic
February 22, 2020Puerto Rico Baby Clinic
March 5, 2020Mumbai India Baby Clinic
March 7, 2020Dubai Baby Clinic
March 16, 2020Sydney
March 18, 2020Melbourne
March 20, 2020New Zealand
March 27, 2020Tustin California Baby Clinic
April 18, 2020Tokyo Baby Clinic
May 5, 2020Netherlands Baby Clinic
May 7, 2020Norway Baby Clinic
May 14, 2020NYC Baby Clinic
June 29, 2020Philadelphia PA Baby Clinic

Maternity Clinic Workshops with Ana Brandt

All new ! Our Maternity Clinics are designed to give students hands on with maternity models. We provide gowns, material and direction and the students take over in posing and tossing fabrics. A great way to learn how to give direction, master your lighting, work in teams and finally have gorgeous images for your portfolio!


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