BellyBabyBeyond 2019
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October 24th, 2018Prague
October 25thLIVE Prague Online Workshop
October 27-28th, 2018Conference and workshop in Germany.
November 5th, 2018Kansas City, MO
November 19th, 2018Tel Aviv Workshop Event
November 20th, 2018Tel Aviv Masterclass SOLD OUT
November 21st, 20182nd Tel Aviv Masterclass
December 1st, 2018Dubai One Day Masterclass
January 4-6th, 2019California Retreat
January 12th, 2019Dominican Republic workshop event
January 13th, 2019Dominican Republic Masterclass
January 15th, 2019Colombia
January 20thSan Francisco
January 26th, 2019Dallas, Texas
February 2nd, 2019ISTANBUL Turkey
February 17thKey West, Florida
February 20th, 2019Italy Conference
February 22, 2019Italy Workshop
February 26th, 2019Switzerland Workshop
March 9th, 2019Brisbane, Australia
March 16th 2019One Day Dubai Masterclass
March 31, 2019Indonesia
April 2nd, 2019Singapore
April 4th, 2019Hong Kong
June 2, 2019Michigan